Value added features with Paket

In the final post of this mini-series on Paket, I want to wrap up by discussion some of the cool features in Paket that aren't available in the standard NuGet client. They address many areas that can be a real pain when trying to create automated, CI / CD solutions as well as simply some … Continue reading Value added features with Paket

Migrating Complex NuGet solutions to Paket

In the previous post of this series, we looked at migrating a simple, single-project solution over to Paket. In this post, we'll look at a more complex solution that has multiple projects with shared dependencies, and see some of the issues that Paket picks up that might not have been previously identified. Most of this … Continue reading Migrating Complex NuGet solutions to Paket

Migration basics from NuGet to Paket

Introduction This is part 2 of a short series of blog posts on Paket. In the first part, I presented the overall value proposition behind Paket and some (but not all!) of the features it provides. In this post, we'll look at performing a migration of a simple NuGet-ified project over to Paket. In a … Continue reading Migration basics from NuGet to Paket

Getting Started with Paket – Part 1

Introduction to this series Given the recent discussions happening around Paket, I’ve been asked (or seen questions asked) recently regarding getting up and running with Paket. So, I thought I'd do a short series of posts that covers the "what" and "why" of Paket, followed by the "how" (the "when" is easy - always 😉 … Continue reading Getting Started with Paket – Part 1

What on earth has happened to NuGet?

After several months away from NuGet, I had to use it again recently in VS2015. I'm completely and utterly gobsmacked at how poor the current experience is. It's confusing, inconsistent and hard to use. Worse than that, it enables workflows that should never, ever be permitted within a package management system. First experiences with the … Continue reading What on earth has happened to NuGet?

Using Unity Automapper, Step-by-step

Although it’s pretty self-explanatory, I thought that some simple instructions how to use the Unity Automapper might be a good idea anyway. Installation If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re coming here from the link in NuGet’s description, in which case you can skip straight to the Usage section below. Otherwise, read on… … Continue reading Using Unity Automapper, Step-by-step

Unity Automapper on NuGet

I wrote many, many moons ago about doing auto-mapping in Unity using e.g. reflection etc. instead of resorting to config files etc.. Well I’ve now released, via NuGet, a package that offers exactly that. It’s not the most configurable API but supports what I believe are the most common use-cases for auto registration, allowing you … Continue reading Unity Automapper on NuGet