NuGet, EF4.1 and SQL Compact 4

As I’m waiting around this week for furniture to be delivered to my new abode, I was passing the time today by trying out EF4.1. I thought it’d also be a good opportunity to try out NuGet in order to see how easy it is to download packages + dependencies etc. etc..

So, the test was: Download EF4.1 and SQL Compact 4 with NuGet to allow me to create a simple data model and get some CRUD functionality up on screen in a WPF screen. It failed me.

NuGet itself seems very nice – the ability to easily download packages and their associated dependencies for a VS solution, integrated within the IDE etc. – great stuff; I will definitely use it in future.

Unfortunately, neither the package for EF4.1 nor SQL Compact 4 contains the System.Data.SqlServerCe.Entity.dll, thus as soon as you try to make a connection to a SQL Compact database with EF4.1, your application will crash:

Could not load System.Data.SqlServerCe.Entity.dll. Reinstall SQL Server Compact.

The solution is to manually install SQL Compact 4 from this link. Once done, you should be good to go.

So, a failure for NuGet insofar as the packages supplied did not contain the correct assemblies for what was required – however, NuGet in general seems very impressive and I would recommend you taking a look at it in future.




There are actually two SQL Compact packages on nuGet. One is simply called SQLServerCompact; the other is called EntityFramework.SqlServerCompact. I had downloaded the former during my attempt described above. If you download the latter package, you will find that you get the .Entity.dll and don’t need to install SQL Compact 4 separately. Not sure that it’s entirely clear though that there are two versions of SQL Compact 4 in nuGet…. one which is “compatible” with EF4 and one which isn’t…


2 thoughts on “NuGet, EF4.1 and SQL Compact 4

    1. Argh – you’re right. I downloaded the SqlServerCompact package, not the EF version of it. I guess that demonstrates that the packages are a bit confusing though – I wanted to use Sql Compact, so I downloaded that package – but it wasn’t the correct one.

      Thanks for the spot though!

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