Learn F# for the masses

Anyone who reads my blog will have observed that I've not posted anything for several months now. In addition to my moving country and trying to build a company in 2016, I've also been writing a book. I'm delighted to now share that Learn F# is now available on Manning's MEAP program - hopefully the … Continue reading Learn F# for the masses

F#, .NET and the Open Source situation

If you read my (generally sporadic) blog postings, you'll know that in general I write about either F# and / or Azure, usually from a programmatic point-of-view. How easy is it to reason about a certain thing? How quickly can we make use of some Azure service from F#? And so on. In this post, … Continue reading F#, .NET and the Open Source situation

What on earth has happened to NuGet?

After several months away from NuGet, I had to use it again recently in VS2015. I'm completely and utterly gobsmacked at how poor the current experience is. It's confusing, inconsistent and hard to use. Worse than that, it enables workflows that should never, ever be permitted within a package management system. First experiences with the … Continue reading What on earth has happened to NuGet?

Trying F# – are you a developer or a mouse?

Since starting to deliver my "Power of F#" talk to user groups and companies (generally well received - I hope), and getting involved in a few twitter debates on F#, I've noticed a few common themes regarding why .NET teams aren't considering trying out F# to add to their development stack. Part of this is the usual spiel of … Continue reading Trying F# – are you a developer or a mouse?

A refresher on Async

A bit late in the day, but here's a quick-and-simple demonstration of the fundamental difference between single-threaded, multi-threaded and asynchronous coding patterns. To illustrate this, here's a simple task that you've no doubt seen a million times before - download a number of resources over HTTP. The code for this demo is available in both … Continue reading A refresher on Async

Lightweight callsite caching with F# and C#

What is Memoization? Just a simple demo outlining how you might write a simple generic callsite cache in F# aka Memoize. This is something that you can find elsewhere on the web - it's easy to write one. What I really want to illustrate is if you were to write something similar in C# how … Continue reading Lightweight callsite caching with F# and C#