Unity Automapper on NuGet

I wrote many, many moons ago about doing auto-mapping in Unity using e.g. reflection etc. instead of resorting to config files etc..

Well I’ve now released, via NuGet, a package that offers exactly that. It’s not the most configurable API but supports what I believe are the most common use-cases for auto registration, allowing you to get up and running in seconds. Just download the package, call a single extension method and off you go.


  • Simple API exposed as extension methods on the Unity Container itself – up and running in seconds
  • Automatically registers multiple types based on interface implementations – no naming conventions required
  • Automatically registers types located across multiple assemblies – perfect for implementing DIP easily without breaking rules of encapsulation

So, if you use Unity, download the package and give it a go – I’d love to hear your feedback (good and bad!).


2 thoughts on “Unity Automapper on NuGet

  1. Hello,

    I would like to make a request for you: could you strong-sign the assembly? I would like to use it in a SharePoint project.


    1. Hi. I don’t have any plans to strong name the assembly at the moment – I’m not a massive fan of it to be honest. However, there’s nothing stopping you download the source code from Git and building your own, strong-named version of it. It should build straight off the bat.

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