On Type Inference

This is a comment I recently saw on a headline-grabbing article about Swift: - I also don't think that "type inferring" is of great use. If you cannot be bothered to hack in a variable's data type, maybe you should not develop software in the first place. I was so infuriated by this comment that … Continue reading On Type Inference


The future of C#

Having recently discussed (and effectively ruled out) JavaScript as a valid programming language on the server, I wanted to review the current situation for C#, how it has changed in the past few years and my thoughts on where I see it going as a server-side language. Java and C# I want to start by … Continue reading The future of C#

What makes a .NET developer?

An experienced Java developer colleague of mine has recently transferred into a .NET based team. He asked me, aside from the obvious things like reading up on the differences between C# and Java and getting a reference book or two on parts of .NET, what are the common practices or attitudes of .NET developers? How … Continue reading What makes a .NET developer?