Unity Automapper 1.3 released

A new version of the Unity Automapper (1.3) is now available on NuGet. It now supports a fluent-style, provider API in addition to the attribute-based model for overriding default settings etc.

I’ve also decided to open-source the Unity Automapper at this time and push it onto GitHub. There are several reasons for this. Primarly, I’ve been using the public, web-facing version of TFS for a while but wanted to try GitHub out to see the differences both from a website as well as a source control mechanism perspective.

I plan on blogging shortly about my initial experiences of GitHub (generally quite positive) but for the purposes of the Unity Automapper, all documentation and guidance can now be found here. I still plan on publicising updates via this blog, but it will no longer be the repository for documentation and low-level details of each release.


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