Windows RT and Surface – separate the two

You probably know now that Windows 8 RT has been released to the public amid much comments alongside the launch of Microsoft’s own Surface tablet. Obviously there’s the usual comments and arguments, and counter-comments and counter-arguments from the press, Apple fanboys, Microsoft fanboys etc. etc..

What has surprised me is how people seem to be doing a direct comparison between the Surface and iPad insofar as reviewing the Surface alongside Windows RT – when in reality there are a number of devices out there that run Windows RT – Surface is just one hardware device that runs the OS – there are a number of others advertised on Microsoft’s own website, including Dell, Samung, Asus and Lenovo. This is more akin to the Android tablet platform than the iPad, which has a single hardware platform and that’s it.

This isn’t a review of Surface or Win RT – far from it – rather, just a comment about how a number of reviews and articles etc. all seem to have missed this out.


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