Windows Live Mail update

Still using WLM. No real complaints apart from: - Ability to have a folder automatically delete items over a certain age. I could probably do something like this manually as a saved search in Vista When you minimize to tray and then restore the window, it seems to automatically go to Inbox, even if this wasn't the previously selected folder Good things over and above Thunderbird: - Excellent Windows Live Contacts "smart-client" application which integrates very tightly with Messenger; contact details are stored online on your Space Integrated Vista search Works with Hotmail out of the box Things I would like to see added: - A way to use online bookmarks / RSS feeds would be nice. I currently use Google Reader for my feeds so I can view them anywhere


Thunderbird out, Windows Live Mail in?

Got the latest version of Windows Live, which comes with several applications such as Windows Live Photo Gallery, and, of course, Windows Live Mail. After reading some reviews of it, I decided to give it a go. So, I exported all my email from Thunderbird and imported it all into WLM. It's a nice email client and integrates with Vista Search (which is important to me). Plus it fits in with the rest of the Windows Live application set nicely, such as Messenger, Writer, and Spaces. However, I have already noticed that it has a few features from TB missing, the first that's quite important to me: - You can't have a folder automatically delete items that are x number of days old in it. This is handy when you subscribe from a mailing list or Google group and only what to store that last weeks' worth of posts locally. There are no "search folders" that can be saved based on common searches. Granted, you can do this in Vista, and maybe that's the idea, but I would have liked to have had some option to do something similar in WLM. There's no option to install a UK English spell checker - just the US version. Windows Live Writer was similar in this respect during Beta phase, but with the "proper" release they saw fit to include a UK dictionary. Why not for WLM as well? I'm going to stick with it for a while - maybe doing double-entry i.e. downloading mail in both clients - and hopefully it'll prove to be the correct choice.

Google Calendar in Thunderbird!

How to get full (read AND write) access to your Google Calendar in Thunderbird: Install the Lightning calendar add-on for Thunderbird. Install the Google Calendar Daemon application / service. Configure said application (and ensure that you install the Windows service - I had to do this manually, it wasn't done as part of the installer!). Add a new calendar to Thunderbird and point it to your Calendar as published in the Daemon. Job done! Now I can modify my calendar via a rich client application. Sadly it doesn't work for Windows Calendar as this application seems to think that it's a read-only calendar. Haven't yet tried it with Outlook.

Gmail IMAP support, Thunderbird vs Outlook.

Gmail have started offering IMAP as well as POP support - great news, I thought (although it only shows up if you set your language as US). However, I tried it out - dead, dead slow. Much too slow to consider moving over from POP access. Plus, it has a few other limitations and / or oddities, the main one being that I like to merge all my email accounts into a single Inbox which allows me to search within Thunderbird for all my mail. Using IMAP means I have to keep my Gmail separate from my other mail accounts which I download into Thunderbird. I can't do a single search against all mail, or filters etc. Searching is also very slow - I guess it does it against the server rather than against the local cache? I've been considering moving over to Outlook for a while now instead of Thunderbird for a couple of reasons such as integrated searching in Vista (there's no plug-in for Thunderbird) plus calendaring, although Vista comes with a Calendar anyway, and I use Google Calendar for my calendaring. If there was a way to write entries into my Google Calendar from Outlook, that'd be great. For the moment I guess I'll be sticking with Thunderbird.

Hotmail on Thunderbird

Found a good plugin for Thunderbird that allows POP access to your Hotmail on Thunderbird. I think it's basically some sort of "screen scraper" which makes HTTP requests and pulls back the emails from there. It stopped working recently as Live was updated but has recently been updated again so now works. It's called WebMail (Homepage) and is an extensible framework that allows downloading of Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail (although that works natively now anyway) and various other webmail sites direct into Thunderbird. It's also easy to set up - thoroughly recommended.