Moving your OS to another drive

I got myself a new 120GB SSD drive this week – the 64GB drive I have works fine, but given that I have VS2010, SQL, PES2011 and Starcraft 2 all installed – well, I was down to about 5GB left. I think that a 120GB drive should give me ample space for my OS and … Continue reading Moving your OS to another drive


SSD Drive

So, I’ve installed the drive. Installation was fairly painless – it’s a small drive (2.5”) but came with a mounting bracket to fit into a 3.5” bay – easy. The drive itself is very quiet and is indeed quick – boots from cold in about 25 seconds, although this is a clean Win7 install which … Continue reading SSD Drive

SSD drive on the way

I ordered an SSD drive today (64gb); I plan on reinstalling my install of Windows 7 on the disk, along with Office and Visual Studio - plus maybe Starcraft 2 . Hopefully this should give me a nice bump in performance – I’ll report on how I get on with it…