Latest features on JustMockLite

Just a quick post and update on my review on JustMockLite from earlier this year. I had originally a few comments on some features which I'm pleased to say have now been rectified 🙂 Recursive Mocks Support (or lackof) for recursive mocks was one of my main criticisms with earlier versions of JML. For example, … Continue reading Latest features on JustMockLite

First experiences of Telerik’s JustMock

Problems with Moq Having migrated from Rhino Mocks over to Moq, I have found myself lately getting more and more frustrated with the verbosity of Moq for simple assertions. I present as exhibit one the GetPayroll method, called below. I want to assert that I call the Log method with the result of GetPayroll. So … Continue reading First experiences of Telerik’s JustMock