Pigs in Lipstick

A "fluffy" post today, that doesn't talk about F# or EF or RavenDB etc. but about general development processes. Something I think all developers need to learn, and are always honing, is the ability to trust their instinct when something feels wrong. What do I mean by this? Well, primarily this is about identifying when … Continue reading Pigs in Lipstick

Over-egging a Framework

I was holding off on posting this, but read some other good blog posts which sort of went along similar lines to this so decided to post it now… What is a framework? Whenever you write a reasonably-sized application, you’ll probably end up writing some sort of bespoke “framework” in your application. When you start … Continue reading Over-egging a Framework

Namespaces, namespaces and more namespaces

Some random thoughts and suggestions follow regarding how you design the namespaces that your classes fit into when writing APIs that other developers will utilise. Many of these points I’ve recently been dealing with myself whilst having a team of developers joining a team I’m working in; when documenting some of the API and framework, … Continue reading Namespaces, namespaces and more namespaces