Demystifying the Enigma machine with F#

I had a couple of evenings free this week so decided to see if I could implement the Enigma machine, used during WW2 by the Nazis (and famously decrypted by the Polish, French and ultimately the British in Bletchley Park via some of the first programmable computers) in F#. An overview of Enigma The initial … Continue reading Demystifying the Enigma machine with F#

Reusable decorators in F#

Comp-os-ition F# fanbois often talk about how F# supposedly makes "composition" easier than C# (or indeed any OO-first langage). If you come from a C# background, you might not really think about what people mean by "composition", because to be honest functional composition in the OO world is pretty difficult to achieve. You achieve it … Continue reading Reusable decorators in F#