Debunking the LINQ “magic” myth again

I’ve blogged before about how LINQ-to-Objects, at it’s most basic, is just about building on top of enumerating, one at a time, over collections via MoveNext(). It wraps it up in a beautiful API, but it’s still generally crawling through collections. I wanted to give an example of this in more depth and how the … Continue reading Debunking the LINQ “magic” myth again


CodeRush for beginners!

Quick post just highlighting the fact that the newest versions of CodeRush have had a few really good features added which makes CR much more accessible for new users. Most important of all for new users is the addition of multiple settings schemes, including a “FrictionFree” scheme. My main criticism of CR has always been … Continue reading CodeRush for beginners!

VS2010 Extensions

Some good VS2010 extensions that I’ve found recently… Highlight all occurrences of selected word – VS2010 sort of does this out of the box, but this is much better. Double-clicking any word will highlight all occurrences, even string matches (within quotes) or if they are in collapsed regions (in which case the region is highlighted) Solution Load Manager – you can specify at the solution level which projects to load up-front and which to load either explicitly or when accessed through solution explorer. A really good idea which can massively speed up solution load time. PowerCommands for VS2010 – As per 2008. It (sadly) even has the same annoying behaviour of opening and pinning the Undo Close pane on startup! ADO .NET C# POCO Entity Generator – generates POCO objects for your EF model. I’ve also been trying out CodeRushXpress v10 on VS2010 – sadly it seems to still be quite unstable, often going walkies and simply not responding to the CTRL ‘ key-combination.