Lightweight websites with F#

There are several common approaches I've seen people take on the .NET platform when writing web-based applications that I want to review in terms of language and framework choice: -Adopt a conventional MVC application approach. Write static HTML that is emitted from the server using e.g. Razor markup + C# / VB .NET, write your … Continue reading Lightweight websites with F#


ASP .NET Development Server under Vista

If you try running ASP .NET development under Vista, you may find that getting to localhost does not work, although if you replace localhost with it works fine. I read a couple of posts talking about IPv6 and how if you disable it completely in the registry it fixes the problem. I didn’t fancy doing that! I then saw a post to just disable it in the network adapter that you’re using, but that didn’t work – I assume because localhost goes via the loopback adapter. The easiest solution I found was to open the .hosts file in e.g. C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc and then add another : to the start of the last line of the file so that it looks like this: :::1 localhost This fixes the problem – I have no idea what it does though!