Azure Storage Type Provider re-released

Just a short post to say that I’ve re-released the Azure Storage Type Provider on NuGet with a number of changes.

In short, on the back end I’ve re-written a lot of the backing code to reduce the size of the codebase, reorganised the folder structure to comply with other F# projects, introduced FAKE. From the end-user perspective I’ve added a load of features to improve usage of the provider across both Blobs and Tables. I’ve also tried my best to fix the issues around NuGet package dependencies, ultimately by removing them completely and simply embedding the required DLLs in the lib folder of the package. It works, but it’s not particularly pretty.

In fact, I made so many changes, I also decided to repackage and rebrand it completely. The namespace is changed, and the package has been created anew: –

The old package has now been delisted.

It’s now versioned at 0.9.0 – by this I mean it’s almost feature complete for what I would consider ready to go, but what I desperately need from the community is some feedback. Does it work out of the box? Are there massive bugs that I’ve left in? Does it perform poorly? Are there extra features you would like to see added? Not enough async support? Don’t like the way something works? Tell me 🙂


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