Latest features on JustMockLite

Just a quick post and update on my review on JustMockLite from earlier this year. I had originally a few comments on some features which I’m pleased to say have now been rectified 🙂

Recursive Mocks

Support (or lackof) for recursive mocks was one of my main criticisms with earlier versions of JML. For example, if you have a mock which itself had a method needed to return another mock – or worse still, needed to mock the result of a method on that child mock, it was a bit of a pain; you had to manually construct the child mock, and then arrange the top level call to return the child mock etc. etc. etc.

This simple code sample illustrates how recursive mocks are now extremely simple to do in JML. Child mocks are now automatically created without the need to explicitly create one, and you can chain a method call expression when arranging the result of a nested mock. Very nice.

XML Comments

This is a small but important feature for getting up to speed quicker – JML now includes comments on methods etc., which should aid in getting up and running without having to resort to the documentation.


This is all really good. I’d still love to see ignoring of arguments by default on method call arrangement, but overall JML continues to improve – definitely recommended.


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