Back from DDD East Anglia

So, last weekend was DDD East Anglia, where I was lucky enough to be picked as one of the speakers! I was really impressed with the quality of the talks there, but more than that, the fact that there is a .NET community out there that are actively interested in learning new technologies and getting feedback and opinions from fellow developers as opposed to e.g. just the MS opinion on how to go about things. Not that MS’ approach to software development is necessarily a bad thing, but its always good to get a fresh perspective from someone on the outside as well. I must admit that I was pretty blinkered in my view of the .NET community a few years ago but I’ve discovered that there are actually plenty of individuals and companies that are happy to share their knowledge and opinions with others, so wherever you are based, have a look online – you might be surprised at just what’s happening near you!


The day overall was really well organised, and on a personal note I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback on my talk – the hardest part with a talk on unit testing is that everyone comes at it from a different perspective in terms of experience and aims as to what they want unit testing to achieve. I also met some people that I knew only on twitter before, or not at all. Hopefully I’ll continue doing talks in future – generally a positive experience.




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