CodeRush for beginners!

Quick post just highlighting the fact that the newest versions of CodeRush have had a few really good features added which makes CR much more accessible for new users.

imageMost important of all for new users is the addition of multiple settings schemes, including a “FrictionFree” scheme.

My main criticism of CR has always been that the barrier to entry was relatively high given that some keyboard shortcuts are different from VS out-of-the-box e.g. Code Templates initialise with space (rather than Tab as per Code Snippets), and that they are initially a hindrance rather than a help. The friction-free scheme tries to use all the existing keyboard shortcuts rather than changing them, whilst essentially turning off any “implicit” CR features that you might see as interfering with your standard way of coding e.g. smart brackets, enter, IntellAssist are all turned off by default.

This is much more like the CodeRushXpress way of working, which is basically a single key-press to bring up the Refactor smart tag (the ‘ key) and not much else, and is definitely the easiest way to get started (indeed, when I first started using CR, I basically did this and then brought in different features one-by-one).

I would like to see an “import/export” profile though – perhaps there’s already one there, but I’m yet to find it – which would be good for settings up new installs.

There’s also now a useful “keyboard shortcuts” modal banner that you can bring up at any time which gives you common shortcuts at-a-glance.


Essentially these features means that CodeRush “fits in” with your existing VS habits rather than taking it over and forcing you to change the way you word. It also means that if you pair with another dev, they won’t get all confused by the funky CodeRush magic that happens just by pressing space Smile

Having said all of that – the “real” CodeRush shortcuts are undoubtedly extremely efficient, and now that I’ve gotten used to them I could never go back…


2 thoughts on “CodeRush for beginners!

  1. Isaac,

    I just discovered your blog quite by accident as I was searching for a bit of CodeRush info. I’m also a fan and have been using CR for some time, though I feel that there’s still a great deal to learn about the product.

    I realize that this is an old post, but thought I’d comment in case anyone else stumbles across it and can use the info.

    Regarding your comment about being able to import/export the CR profile. While I agree that it would be nice to offer the option as a part of the menu, it really isn’t required. All the CR settings are stored as xml files. Wherever you store your CodeRush settings (I believe the default is in %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\CodeRush), there will be a settings.xml folder. All CodeRush settings are stored in xml files in the folder structure under here. If you want to export all settings, just make a copy of this structure. In fact, since I use multiple PCs to develop on, I changed the location of the settings data to a DropBox folder, so now all my CodeRush Settings are synced between PCs as I change them automatically. You can do the same by going into the CodeRush Settings Window and navigating to Core\Settings and changing the folder there.

    I hope someone finds this helpful.


    Steve (@NewCodeGeek)

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the post. Yes, I found the same thing myself a few weeks ago – it’s not really that well documented though. Good idea re: dropbox – will do the same for myself with SkyDrive.



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