Top Visual Studio 2010 Extensions

Been a while since I did this… here’s my current set of top extensions that I use on VS2010: –

NuGet Package Manager

The easiest way to bring in dependencies of third party packages bar none. Microsoft now use it as their primary way for new drops of EF. I use it for my Unity Automapper. Everyone uses it Smile

Power Commands for VS2010

A lot of useful additions to VS including removing & sorting using statements in a file on save, open a VS command prompt pointing to a solution folder, copy references from one project to another and also editing project files in one click.

Notify Property Weaver

If you’re a XAML developer using the MVVM pattern, this is an absolute godsend for basically removing all the boilerplate INotifyPropertyChanged code that you normally have to, by rewriting the IL to automatically publish the NotifyPropertyChanged event where required as a post-build task. Fantastic. It’s actually just a dll at the end of the day that you have to add into your MSBuild for each project, but this extension adds a menu item with a handy dialog to configure it just how you like.

Productivity Power Tools

Most of this is going to be incorporated into the next version of Visual Studio. Includes lots of handy tools like the Solution Navigator (basically a fusion of Solution Explorer and Class View plus search etc.), improved tab management etc.

VS Color Output

Actually makes the VS output windows useful! You supply regex expressions to the tool’s settings and mark them as e.g. “warning” or “error”. The tool parses each line of the output window and colours it appropriately.


A great way to quickly write comments on your classes and methods in a standard format.


In my opinion, the greatest productivity add on to Visual Studio. If you’re the sort of person that likes to quickly be able to knock up code and navigate through it with the minimum effort, this is for you. There’s also a free version, CodeRush Xpress, available through the extension manager.


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