Incompetence from MyHermes – epic #fail

I’ve been using my laptop for the past few weeks as my main PC has been out of action – my SSD died and I sent it back to eBuyer for replacement. Unfortunately, as eBuyer refused to manager the collection themselves, I decided to use MyHermes for picking up the hard disk.

What a bunch of cowboys. They picked up the hard disk ok, but then somehow lost it. When I asked them what had happened to it, I got the following response two days later..

The courier is not sure if she sent the item back as she goes there everyday to deliver, can you check with the company.
Could you please give us a description of the packaging in case it has been lost so we can investigate?

What a bizarre response, the upshot of which seemed to be: –

  • We don’t know what happened to the package – can you please chase it up yourself?
  • We don’t know what the package is – what does it look like?

A jiffy bag just like hundreds of others, I imagine.

I should point out, that when chasing up what happened to the package, EVERY SINGLE EMAIL (including the response to the one above) took at least two days.

Eventually they gave me a claim form to fill in, in which it says it takes 28 working days to actually process my claim – that’s six weeks! I did it, then found out a week or so later after chasing them up that they’d “lost” the form – so I’d have to start the whole claim process again.

It’s taken me loads of back-and-forward phone calls with them, including staff hanging up on me because I dared to ask their name, missed return phone calls and general incompetence in order to get the agreed value for the package back.

But despite everything that happened above, they don’t think I’m entitled to any form of compensation whatsoever for the poor service. I guess that must mean that this is normal behaviour for them.

Needless to say – DON’T use them as couriers for any items that you consider valuable etc. – they don’t have a clue.


3 thoughts on “Incompetence from MyHermes – epic #fail

  1. Hi Isaac,

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the service you have received. We have launched a full investigate which has resulted in myHermes wavering the 28 working days claim process and compensating you for the lost parcel.

    myHermes Team

    1. Rosie,

      You really want to do this? OK. Thanks for your apology, but the compensation you speak of is the value that I insured the item for – something you were legally bound to pay. This isn’t “compensation” in my book. How about all this…

      – You speak of waiving the 28 working day claim period. You conveniently ignore the week I had to wait whilst I thought MyHermes were processing my claim, only to find out MyHermes had somehow lost my claim form, at which point I had to start all over again, which means I could have had this sorted out a week sooner.
      – Or the fact that every time I sent MyHermes an email I had to wait at least 48 hours for a response – even for the one that I have quoted above.
      – Or the cost of all the phone calls I had to make to sort this had.
      – Or the time I had to spend chasing you up about it.
      – Or the insult of having your one of your colleagues hang up on me when she apparently couldn’t be bothered to sort out the problem.

      Need I go on…?


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