A quick update…

Just a short update on my lack of blogging lately. I’ve actually only recently got back to proper full-time coding now as my house move is almost finally complete. As of today I even have a table I can eat dinner off.

Anyway… I’ve been finishing off my CodeRush review (honest) and also lately trying out the full DX control suite (or at least, the WPF subset of it) within a PRISM application and trying to fit the controls into a MVVM scenario.

I’ve also book a couple of books for bedtime reading… Jon Skeet’s C# In Depth, as well as Real World Functional Programming by Tomas Petricek. Now, the former I’m reading through without too much difficulty – it’s (so far at least) just confirming what I know and putting it in context. The other book I’m finding tough going, though. I really have to concentrate to get my head around a lot of the concepts being chucked out there as every page has new things in it that I’ve never really considered. I’m hoping to write some F# in the future, I like the benefits of this style of programming but having tried and failed a couple of times already, this book looks like a good way to finally get into the language.

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