Moving your OS to another drive

I got myself a new 120GB SSD drive this week – the 64GB drive I have works fine, but given that I have VS2010, SQL, PES2011 and Starcraft 2 all installed – well, I was down to about 5GB left. I think that a 120GB drive should give me ample space for my OS and Programs.

Anyway – moving from one drive to another turned out to be relatively painless in Windows 7:

  1. Do a full system backup onto another hard disk
  2. Remove the OS disk and replace with the new OS disk
  3. Unplug any other hard disks aside from the new OS disk and your backup drive
  4. Boot off your Windows 7 DVD and choose Repair. It will find the backup that you just made.
  5. Hit Next through the wizard – it should (at least, for me it did) select the new OS disk as the destination for the restore, although you get no visual feedback that this is the case
  6. Wait around 20 minutes
  7. Shut down, plug back in your other hard disks and turn on

Off you go!

The only other thing to do is resize the partition to the full size of the disk – in Computer Management, select the OS disk and choose “Extend Partition”, then hit OK.

The whole process took under an hour to do – excellent.


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