Got a new laptop!

Just a short plug for the manufacturer of my new laptop. My current role required that I get a laptop, so I looked around for one. I had no clue what to go for – building desktops is easy, I know roughly what sort of spec to go for etc., but laptops is a whole other world. I looked at all the usual sites and retailers etc. but was either disappointed with the lack of choice of components or the high, high prices.

Eventually I was recommended to look at PC Specialist and ended up getting one from them. Really impressed with the service and the performance of the laptop so far – build time was around a week (you can customise pretty much the whole laptop so it’s a bespoke build), and the website keeps you informed as to the progress.

Price was very reasonable – certainly much cheaper than what I would have gotten from e.g. Dell or EBuyer for a similar, off-the-shelf branded laptop, and because it’s bespoke I got to pick stuff that suits me e.g. a 120GB SSD hard drive rather than a 320GB IDE drive – quicker, quieter and better on the battery life.


One thought on “Got a new laptop!

  1. Yeah, PC Specialist are great.

    I custom built my desktop from them years ago and was very happy with all aspects of their business. The included all drivers and other software in a bundle and years after my purchase were happy to give me some support.

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