Zune and Windows 7

What’s this then? I’ve just downloaded the latest version of the Zune software to see what it’s like as a media player / centre. Supposedly it works well with Windows 7 libraries. However, this is what I get when I start up: –


Notice how the “Music” bit points to three folders, none of which are in my Music Library! Hitting manage just shows me my Music Library locations – but seems to have no effect on when Zune is actually looking for my music, so I can’t play anything or watch videos.

What’s going on?


2 thoughts on “Zune and Windows 7

    1. Dude – that was the whole problem. In Win 7 media player just uses your music, pictures and video library, yet Zune was ignoring these folders. I had to manually override them.

      Anyway I de-installed Zune but reinstalled it the other day and it suddenly now seems to work – sort of… it doesn’t seem to add all files to its collection for some reason.

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