SSD Drive

So, I’ve installed the drive. Installation was fairly painless – it’s a small drive (2.5”) but came with a mounting bracket to fit into a 3.5” bay – easy. The drive itself is very quiet and is indeed quick – boots from cold in about 25 seconds, although this is a clean Win7 install which is always fast. The main difference is once you’ve booted in, you don’t have the hard disk chugging away for ages doing other stuff. Opening and installing applications is also very quick in general.

In order to minimise wastage of disk space, I’ve turned off hibernation to clear the hiberfil.sys file, plus moved the swap file to another drive. However, I’ve kept the Windows index file on the drive – it’s not that big and is used often for finding stuff.

One other thing that I tried was ReadyBoost with my 2GB stick – I got the following: –



Overall – still early days but I’m going to install VS2010 and a few other bits and bobs on here to see how it performs.

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