New VS2010 Extensions

The VS2010 extension ecosystem is growing quite rapidly, and there are some excellent items in there, some written by Microsoft, some by others. Here are some new and updated VS 2010 extensions that I’ve come across recently: –

Productivity Power Tools

Updated now so that you can turn off features that you may or may not like (e.g. I don’t like CTRL+click to go to definition). The tab well is also much clearer now to see the “current” tab, plus the icons are now set to the file type – nice.


It also now gives you a greatly enhanced solution explorer – you can now find all occurrences of a keyword in the explorer, re-root the solution tree from a particular file, and filter on only files that are new / unsaved / edited. This improved solution explorer is very, very useful and makes this extension something you should really try out.


VS10x Editor View Enhancer

Improves the C# IDE with a number of nice additions, such as glyphs alongside method and property declarations, the ability to double click the closure of a method and go to the start of it. This extension is particularly useful for mouse-driven users. Also allows colour highlighting of classes and methods etc. (red by default below, but can be changed!)


VS10x Code Map

Provides a handy solution-explorer like view but for your class instead – think of it as a Class Browser, but actually quite useful. Supports auto-hide, nested classes, highlighting + navigation when you double-click an item etc.


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