New day, new blog engine

So, I’ve decided to move off of Windows Live Spaces and got an account with WordPress. It actually looks way better – more themes, more extensible and has better stats support. Plus Windows Live Writer supports it properly so no problems.

I still have to move across all my old blog posts – have to think of a way of an easy of doing that…

In the meantime, a quick moan about VS2010. For some reason on XP it runs like an absolute dog. Fair enough, XP is an old OS, but it crashes so often it’s a joke. The latest one is a full-on, unannounced crash. Sometimes, it’s in the middle of coding, other times it’s apparently at random. Not only is this incredibly frustrating, but to add insult to injury I get the following “helpful” offer from VS2010:


In other words: VS2010 has crashed horribly because it’s an unstable, memory-eating hog development environment. Would you like to debug this program in VS2010 – an unstable, memory-eating development environment.

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