Windows Live Wave 4 beta out

Just downloaded and installed the Windows Live Wave 4 beta… early impressions: –

  • Requires a full reboot to install.
  • It automatically installs Bing toolbar to Firefox as three extensions, without an option not to. These extensions cannot be removed via add-ons, only disabled. I should point out that I’m using Minefield rather than FF3.6 though – maybe that’s why (although I doubt it).
  • Messenger now has two views – a normal small window view, and a larger one which integrates with your social networks. This seems to be very nicely done – your facebook friends show up and you can show photos, status updates, blogs etc. all from within Messenger – nice.
  • Writer and Live Mail both have a ribbon now.
  • Messenger takes up a massive 120mb of memory. Even Firefox nightly builds aren’t that bad. Worse still, even after I quit the application, it stays resident according to Task Manager, taking up 85mb. Shocking, but then again this is beta.
  • Windows Live Mail uses about 110mb memory.
  • As I write this, Live Writer is taking up a mere 40mb.

On a side note, I’m considering ditching Spaces for my blog site due to poor tagging options and no statistics… any recommendations on other ones? Blogger? WordPress? Why?

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