VS2010 Extensions

Some good VS2010 extensions that I’ve found recently…

  • Highlight all occurrences of selected word – VS2010 sort of does this out of the box, but this is much better. Double-clicking any word will highlight all occurrences, even string matches (within quotes) or if they are in collapsed regions (in which case the region is highlighted)
  • Solution Load Manager – you can specify at the solution level which projects to load up-front and which to load either explicitly or when accessed through solution explorer. A really good idea which can massively speed up solution load time.
  • PowerCommands for VS2010 – As per 2008. It (sadly) even has the same annoying behaviour of opening and pinning the Undo Close pane on startup!
  • ADO .NET C# POCO Entity Generator – generates POCO objects for your EF model.

I’ve also been trying out CodeRushXpress v10 on VS2010 – sadly it seems to still be quite unstable, often going walkies and simply not responding to the CTRL ‘ key-combination.

2 thoughts on “VS2010 Extensions

  1. Hi
    You mention here VS2010 does “Highlight all occurances of selected word” out of the box. can you tell me how to do this?

    1. You should be able to just move the caret over any symbol and wait a couple of seconds. VS should then highlight any other occurences of the symbol in a light grey colour by default – but I’ve changed it to Green (Options -> Fonts & Colors -> Highlighted Reference).

      The Extension I’ve mentioned above will also show little glyphs in the margin which can be useful.

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