TFS check-in policies over multiple branches

The project I’m working on currently has two branches; a main trunk for hot-fixes and a branch for a new module which will be released at some stage in the future.

We’re getting a few issues with check-in policies and builds as a result of branching, however. For example: –

  • Continuous integration. We’ve had to turn off the CI build in TFS as whenever anyone checks in anything to the “new module” branch, the main trunk CI build kicks off. Is there a way to change this so that it only happens when a check in occurs for that branch of code?
  • Our unit testing check-in policy is playing up now. It complains that certain unit tests haven’t been run as a result on check-in. I can only assume that this is because the policy points to the main trunk’s VSMDI file, whereas when you run unit tests on the branch, that runs that version of the VSMDI file. As we’ve removed some unit tests from the branch version of the application (due to them no longer being appropriate), I suspect that TFS thinks that we’ve not run all the units tests, when in fact we have. I can’t figure out a way around this, though…. any ideas welcome.

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