Windows 7 Virtual PC & configuring TFS 2010 in a test environment

I recently installed TFS 2010 on my local machine for testing, but after playing around with it, decided that I wanted to try the new Labs feature of TFS plus some of the other stuff. Plus I didn’t want to keep running TFS all the time (and SQL) just in case I decided to do some development.

So I downloaded Windows Virtual PC (WVPC) for Windows 7 and installed a version of Windows 7 on it. I then installed TFS 2010 along with SQL Express 2008 and hey presto, working TFS in its own environment.

WVPC is pretty good; the only criticism I have with it is that it only emulates a 32 bit CPU (even though I have a 64 bit one). This is a little annoying as I can’t run Windows 2008 R2 through a virtual pc (as it is 64 bit only). However, aside from that, the whole process did not take that long:-

  • Downloading the ISO for Windows 7 off MSDN: 15-20 minutes.
  • Installing on the VPC: about the same.
  • Installing and configuring TFS: 10 minutes

The only thing that did take a while was installing SQL Express 2008 Management Studio and then exposing the SQL service to my host machine via Windows Firewall.

But it’s all up and running now. I want to try TFS Labs but we’ll see how that goes…


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