Roy Osherove’s TDD Kata #1

As I posted a few weeks ago, I was fascinated by Roy’s assertion (no pun intended 😉 that use of the keyboard can give big productivity gains compared to the use of the mouse when developing in VS 2008. So, over the past few weeks I’ve been putting it to the test and can now present my own video where I go through the first section of Roy’s TDD Kata #1 in under ten minutes.

I’ve found the Kata to be interesting where you do the same logic every day – the real challenge of the Kata (to my mind) is to get into the habit of doing basic things that you do dozens (or maybe hundreds) of times a day, as quickly as possible e.g: –

  • Writing a new test method
  • Writing assertions
  • Moving code into another method
  • Creating variables

So whilst I do some basic refactoring etc., most of the annotations on the video are concerned with navigation in VS etc. and use of CRX to improve productivity as much as possible.

So if you have nine minutes spare, have a look at the video and then take another minute or two to give me some suggestions on how I could have done it even quicker 🙂




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