Windows 7 install

I’ve been using – pretty much full time – the release candidate of Windows 7. I finally decided today to install Windows 7 RTM on my PC. As I wanted to install onto the same disk, I decided to use, for the first time ever, the file transfer wizard thing built into Windows 7.

I have to say, I’m impressed! It took a fair while to run – I had around 1.5GB to backup/restore – but it was well worth it. You can choose individual folders and areas of the PC to include in the transfer wizard process, at which point it creates an image (compressed – mine got around 50% of the original size) of all the files to transfer. This process took around 15 minutes for me. Then, after installing the Windows 7 cleanly, I installed a couple of apps – Firefox, Windows Live Essentials etc., and then re-ran the transfer wizard.

I’m amazed just how well it worked!

  • All my emails and settings for Windows Live Mail.
  • All my blogs in Windows Live Writer
  • All my settings, passwords and extensions from Firefox
  • Profile – including backgrounds, task bar pins etc.
  • Libraries

It also includes a nifty little report to tell you which programs were installed so that you can re-install them from the list. All in all, this has saved me lots of time and effort – I’m really glad I used it.

Thumbs up to Microsoft on this one!


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