Smart Client Software Factory – Day Two

So, I’ve managed to get through most of the problems and actually worked through a few of the labs! Some of what SCSF gives you seems quite good – a lot of the stuff that you do (or would like to do) in projects but generally do in a different way each time. Things like the following, which I have done in the last few projects in a bespoke manner that you get pretty much for free with SCSF: –

  • Model-View-Presenter framework
  • Commands / multicast delegates (nothing you don’t get in C# anyway except that you can do it quite elegantly using attributes on methods)
  • Decoupling between your form’s shell and inner modules / views
  • View management
  • Inter-view messaging

I’m sure that there’s lots more to see. But I’ve also found a few more annoying things about it: –

  • When you try to create a new View in VS2008 SP1, if your Infrastructure assembly is not named Infrastructure.Assembly but instead <root namespace>.Infrastructure.Assembly, the option won’t appear in VS! Why???
  • Namespaces of views that you create do not obey folder hierarchy rules e.g. a View + Presenter living inside MySolution/MyProject/Views/MyView should have a namespace something like MySolution.MyProject.Views.MyView.MyView.cs and MyPresenter.cs etc.. Instead, it’s simply in MySolution.MyProject. This is (IMHO) just plain wrong. VS automatically pads on the namespace for new classes based on the folder structure, so why doesn’t SCSF? Even worse, any other classes that you create will obey the “proper” rules so you end up with classes in the same folder with different namespaces!

So generally I think SCSF looks quite nice, albeit it seems like they haven’t updated it in a while and that it’s got a few issues with it that could have been fixed relatively easily but they just haven’t been bothered / had time (note – last version of SCSF WinForms was April 2008)??


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