Scott Guthrie’s talk on LIDNUG

Finished the webcast a couple of hours ago. Great session with lots of interesting questions and answers – thanks Scott!

The most important question from my point of view (and judging by the number of people that asked it, not just me – this was by far the most common one), was Scott’s take on Linq to SQL and how it sits alongside Entity Framework – and what’s the future of L2S. Whilst Scott doesn’t work directly on the ADO .NET team, he was able to largely answer this anyway:

L2S is definitely a part of the future of .NET and that they have no plans to kill it off (at the moment!). Microsoft see Entity Framework as hopefully taking a number of the best bits out of L2S and incorporating them into EF (which should be included in .NET 4), but they also plan on keeping L2S going, too. He also addressed for the much-publicised blog that the ADO .NET team put out which has been largely mis-interpreted by the public – they never meant to suggest that L2S is dead. He also mentioned that they will be putting a new blog post out in the near future addressing this issue further.

So, glad that’s been cleared up 🙂

For what it’s worth – I see L2S as being an excellent ORM tool for rapid application development, small applications, prototypes etc. – essentially anything where you are working with e.g. a 1-to-1 mapping between your database and your domain model – whilst you might prefer to look at EF for more complex object models. However, from what I have seen of EF (which admittedly is not a great deal) and from other blogs out there, there’s still much work to be done on it before it’s going to be adopted by the majority of the L2S crowd.

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