Scrum TFS Templates?

I’m planning on using a “proper” Scrum TFS template on the next project we do. My understanding is that there are two main TFS templates available for Scrum: –

There’s also what looks like a handy dashboard TFS add-in which works with both templates.

I’d really like to use one of these, but I’d like to know people’s thoughts on either of the templates – what did they like about them? What did they not like? What are the reports like that come with the template (if any)? Was it a pain to install the template? etc. etc.

Any thoughts / comments greatly appreciated! Once I choose one and we start to use it, I’ll blog on how we’re finding it ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Scrum TFS Templates?

  1. Hi Isaac,

    As you can read on my blog, we transitioned to Scrum through the VSTS template, and I can say I don’t miss that at all. At least at the time, the reports were scarce, and the the work item templates did not contain the data we needed from the get go. I found the Conchango template much closer to the sweet spot, and I still enjoy using it 1,5 years later. I don’t know if it has been receiving updates, it may have improved in the mean time.

    Hope this helps,

    1. Pedro

      We ended up going with Conchango’s template – I was pretty happy with it, especially after we bought a few licenses for the taskboard. The new v3 template / taskboard looks excellent too, although MS now have what appears to be a reasonable scrum template of their own, too (official one, not codeplex!).


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