What a wonderful Internet…

I was just trying out Last FM again and have noticed that you can now stream full tracks, and even better you don’t need to open a browser to stream tunes, it can do it through the client tool.

It can now suggest you tracks based on your listening habits as well as your own library that it has “scrobbled” in the past.

What a wonderful resource the Internet is – in a way we’ve gone back a bit to the client/server or mainframe model but now over a massively distributed and easily accessible network i.e. the Internet. And we’re now starting to see more service-oriented resources become available, thin windows client applications which give us a rich user interface but are still connected to the ‘net. And connected applications like Last FM allow me to get introduced to new music without having to ask anyone, or waste money on music I don’t like, and when I want rather than when the radio plays a tune.

I wonder how things will be in another 10 years time…


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