SQL Express – more aggravation

So, I installed SQL Express 2005 only to find that when removing SQL Express 2008, and then manually removing those two components (2008 object model and 2008 native client) that I’d somehow “broken” 2005 (even though I hadn’t yet installed it!). I guess there are some assemblies that are overwritten by the 2008 install that are backwards compatible – so when I uninstalled the 2008 items that the 2008 uninstall left behind, it screwed me completely.

So, reinstalled them – and finally got SQL Express 2005 working. Until I accidentally changed the default database for my Windows account to my custom database that I was working on and then deleted it by accident! Now I can’t even log in to SQL. So I had to use SQLCMD to log in and change my default database back to master.

Phew…. all this just to prepare a demo of a few features of C# 3 and LINQ!


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