WPF here we come…

So, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and learn WPF. I’ve been trying on-and-off for a few months but there’s a distinct lack of online resources for Windows Forms developers trying to make the leap across to the WPF world. So, I’ve gotten a book and have been working through it. I’m really surprised at just how different WPF is, even at this early stage of the book.

Lots have been made of WPF’s new media features, and the introduction of XAML has made things somewhat different to writing your forms but that could have been introduced without any changes to the design model/ strategy for creating forms – this is, to my mind, the area that’s changed dramatically from Windows Forms. If XAML was the only thing that was new, we could carry on coding as normal because you rarely look at designer.cs anyway. What I’m more interested at the moment is how to get the regular LOB functionality that one can do in a Windows Forms app with their eyes closed e.g. : –

  • Form / Control layout
  • Data binding
  • User controls
  • Events

What I’m planning on doing is writing a few articles about how easy or hard it is to write applications in WPF coming from a WF background; I’m not an expert graphic designer although I can design relatively good looking UIs in WF. I want to try to discuss the new features of WPF but relate them to existing WF ideas or problems that you might come up against and compare and contrast the two.

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