End of my Ubuntu trial….

The automatic Ubuntu Update feature ran on my Ubuntu install today; the OS hung shortly afterwards. Rebooted and was thrown into a command prompt instead of the GUI. Eventually found out that pressing Alt-Shift-F1 brings up the error message and was told that root.disk could not be found. I found out that this file is the image that Ubuntu (well, wubi) uses for the hard disk when running under a Windows install. I then ran chkdisk and then found out that the file was corrupted and thus removed. So effectively my Ubuntu hard disk was corrupted and was no more.

So I’ve uninstalled Ubuntu. Shame really, as I was quite impressed with it and was actually using it more and more. But now I’d have to reinstall all those applications that I used and reconfigure the OS to how I had it before – can I really be bothered to do that again, only to see this happen again in future? Not so sure.


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