Firefox 3 Beta 2 out

I’m currently testing out Firefox 3. It’s seems to be a fair improvement over FF2. Main things that I’ve noticed, in no particular order:

  1. Seems faster to render pages – no stats though to prove this, might just be my imagination!
  2. Resizable search bar
  3. Better password management
  4. Smart Bookmarks
  5. "Places" instead of Bookmarks and History. Not really tried this out much though
  6. Better rendering engine – works now even with the Acid2 test
  7. Tag-able bookmarks to aid searches
  8. Better URL auto-complete
  9. New favourites mode

Despite the claims of over 259,308 memory leak fixes, it’s an absolute memory hog – currently running at 96MB. However, this is still only beta 2 so let’s be kind 🙂

Also… a couple of nice new add-ons I’ve found for FF: –

  • Speed Dial – Thumbnail page of your favourite pages
  • FullerScreen – Makes Firefox in 100% fullscreen mode

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