Team Foundation Server – Team Build issues

I’ve recently started looking at using Team Build to perform scheduled builds for our development projects. We’re currently using TFS 2005 (although we’ll be upgrading to 2008 shortly). However, I’ve come up with an issue on the build machine.

TF Server -> Build Server -> Deployment Server

The Team Build service is installed on the Build Server. When a team build is performed, the service contacts TFS, pulls down the latest source code, performs a build, and dumps the output onto the Deployment machine.

I installed Team Build onto my local machine – it worked fine. However, I then installed it on another machine, and the build process refused to work. The error I get is "TF42056 – The build service could not connect to the Team Foundation Server: Unable to connect to the remote server". I’m not entirely sure what the problem is though. I know that TFS is able to communicate to the Build Server, because if I disable the Team Build service it comes up with a different error (something like can’t communicate to Team Build service). Despite the error message, I also think that the Build Server can communicate back to TFS, because this TF42056 error ends up getting logged in the Event Log of the TF Server (unless the Build Server is timing out when trying to contact TFS, I suppose). So where is this problem occurring? I can’t figure it out!

I’ve Googled for this, but the TF42056 error seems to be a generic connection problem with more specific details – no-one else has this "remote server" one. Any ideas?


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