Thunderbird out, Windows Live Mail in?

Got the latest version of Windows Live, which comes with several applications such as Windows Live Photo Gallery, and, of course, Windows Live Mail.

After reading some reviews of it, I decided to give it a go. So, I exported all my email from Thunderbird and imported it all into WLM. It’s a nice email client and integrates with Vista Search (which is important to me). Plus it fits in with the rest of the Windows Live application set nicely, such as Messenger, Writer, and Spaces.

However, I have already noticed that it has a few features from TB missing, the first that’s quite important to me: –

  1. You can’t have a folder automatically delete items that are x number of days old in it. This is handy when you subscribe from a mailing list or Google group and only what to store that last weeks’ worth of posts locally.
  2. There are no "search folders" that can be saved based on common searches. Granted, you can do this in Vista, and maybe that’s the idea, but I would have liked to have had some option to do something similar in WLM.
  3. There’s no option to install a UK English spell checker – just the US version. Windows Live Writer was similar in this respect during Beta phase, but with the "proper" release they saw fit to include a UK dictionary. Why not for WLM as well?

I’m going to stick with it for a while – maybe doing double-entry i.e. downloading mail in both clients – and hopefully it’ll prove to be the correct choice.


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