Gmail IMAP support, Thunderbird vs Outlook.

Gmail have started offering IMAP as well as POP support – great news, I thought (although it only shows up if you set your language as US). However, I tried it out – dead, dead slow. Much too slow to consider moving over from POP access. Plus, it has a few other limitations and / or oddities, the main one being that I like to merge all my email accounts into a single Inbox which allows me to search within Thunderbird for all my mail. Using IMAP means I have to keep my Gmail separate from my other mail accounts which I download into Thunderbird. I can’t do a single search against all mail, or filters etc. Searching is also very slow – I guess it does it against the server rather than against the local cache?

I’ve been considering moving over to Outlook for a while now instead of Thunderbird for a couple of reasons such as integrated searching in Vista (there’s no plug-in for Thunderbird) plus calendaring, although Vista comes with a Calendar anyway, and I use Google Calendar for my calendaring. If there was a way to write entries into my Google Calendar from Outlook, that’d be great. For the moment I guess I’ll be sticking with Thunderbird.


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